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A well-built website is the foundation for a strong online presence. It's the "rocket ship" of your business, ready to get you where you want to go.

Future Proof Websites is our answer to a modern, user-friendly, high-converting Edmonton Web Design service that gets you excellent credibility and increased visitors – allowing you to be a dominant local area business (and beyond, if you so choose!). You get a customized solution manually built from the ground up, and our dedicated team of web-developers, will support you every step of the way.

Our Experience: Our team of designers have worked with brands large and small, building and modernizing websites for businesses in every niche, specializing in helping local area, Edmonton and Alberta based Entrepreneurs succeed online.

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A Strong First Impression = Increased Trust = Increased $$$

With a new, modern, clean and user-friendly website, your local Edmonton-based business will make a strong first impression. We all only have 1 chance to make a first impression and put our best foot forward.

This strong first impression will have customers taking you more seriously, allowing you to charge more for your services, and generate more word-of-mouth buzz around your business, turning that impression into more revenue.

Credibility is the Key to Outshining your Competitors!

If you want to win customers over your competitors, you need a website that is state-of-the-art.

Our designers understand your local business because they are locals. They are Edmonton Web Design, Graphic Design and UI/UX Design professionals that live and breathe Edmonton, and have worked with a variety of businesses.

We then create modern websites that are cleaner, easier to use, and convert more web traffic with our compelling copy and web design, helping your local business compete.

This will launch you ahead of your competitors and requires experience in design that most do-it-yourselfers simply lack, and will never catch up.

Increased brand trust and awareness

Starter Site


+ Domain & Hosting Costs of $19.99/mo.
Business-Optimized Design
1-Page Website

1 hour of Design/Strategy
Mobile Responsive
2 Rounds of Revisions
Sitemap Included

Business Site


+Domain & Hosting Costs of $19.99/mo.
Business-Optimized Design
6-Page Website
(+$250 Per Page)
2 Hours of Design/Strategy
Mobile Responsive
2 Rounds of Revisions
Google Speedtest

Enterprise Site


+Domain & Hosting Costs (Tailored to your needs)
Fully Unique Design
Personalized # of Pages
10 Hours of Design/Strategy
Mobile Responsive
Unlimited Revisions
Prototyping Available
First-Priority on
Customer Support

Our customers frequently <asked us>

#1_What is the Domain and Hosting?

#2_Are your websites SEO optimized?

#3_Does my new website include a new logo?

#4_Do We Design Websites Too?

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Phenomenal Web Design that drives <Results>

$_Fully Optimized Website

As a design firm that also specializes in SEO and Digital Marketing, we design your website to be optimized for search engines and user experience from the ground up! No more messing around with people who only understand design, and not effective websites

$_Mobile Optimization

Did you know that in today's day, most of your customers will be accessing your website ONLY from their smartphones or tablets? We understand how to optimize a website for both mobile and desktop environments, helping you capture a huge segment of the market! We put mobile first and make sure the transition to a desktop experience is seamless.

$_0% Upfront Guarantee

We are so confident that you'll love your new website SO much, that we will take all the risk off the table, and design your website with 0% money down. That's right, we will start with $0. This way, we only ask you to pay the bill if you LOVE IT. Supporting Local Edmonton Area Businesses access better web design.